are dogs allowed on the patio?

while we love our fuzzy pups, we ask that you leave them outside the patio area. we do have a shady area just outside the fence with a doggy water bowl where you can tie up your pup during your stay.

what is the difference between “outlier” and “fenceline”?

Outlier Cellars is our company name. Everything we make is under the Outlier Cellars roof, this includes all our ciders and wines.

Fenceline is our brand house cider. Any cider made by Outlier Cellars is a Fenceline cider.

where Can i find fenceline cider or outlier wines?

Besides our taproom in Mancos, CO, you can buy our ciders at almost any liquor store in Mancos and Durango. Our ciders can also be found at various bars and restaurants including 11th Street Station, The Ore House,

coming soon! ;)

can i order outlier products online?