At Fenceline, we are constantly in search of the perfect cider, working with different apple varietals and techniques to build better ciders. When we get it just right, we like to share our hard work with our friends.

Welcome to our 2018 premium cider lineup:

Fenceline Draft Cider

Our classic blend featuring last season’s apple crop.  We carefully select the highest quality fruit, and then use the cool fall days to slowly ferment a draught cider that is both delicate and refreshing. Our draft cider is slightly  effervescent, dry, and known for its light apple phenolics.

Fenceline Reserve

When it comes to our Fenceline Reserve, we take the high road at every fork.  Made exclusively with fruit from Southwest Colorado, the Fenceline Reserve sets itself apart with a healthy addition of Dolgo crabapples, a difficult apple to pick that delivers in flavor, color, and character.

Barrel Aged Cider

Our personal favorite. Our Barrel Aged Cider starts with hand selected fruit from wild seedling and select historic orchard fruit. After fermenting the cider in neutral wine barrels, we rack and store it in a quiet corner of the cellar, where it matures and gains much of its complexity and character.

Single Varietals and Cider Bar Exclusives

As orchardists, we have access to some very unique apples in limited quantities. Please stop by our tasting room to see what unique products are on tap today!