fenceline seedling

Pressed into this can/bottle is a slice of regional apple history. Seedling Cider is sprouted from the soil up, using handpicked fruit from historic orchards, cold fermentation, and an artist's touch. The result is a beautifully balanced, crisp, off-dry cider with deep roots in the Colorado Plateau.

  • Abv 6.50%



fenceline Thunderbolt

The thunderbolt is a symbol of longing and potential. It evokes a dangerously strong attraction between two people. 
Crafted with wild native yeast, this cider is a marriage of Dolgo crabapples and cellar-conditioned late-season fruit. As with love, timing is everything. Thunderbolt is aged in French oak casks to mature to its full potential. 
We're proud to bring you our Wild Fermented Farmhouse Cider. No compromises - from soil to bottle. 

  • Abv 6.90%



WHIP & TONGUE- 6.8% ABV   


The Whip & Tongue is our expression of a Bittersharp cider. The fruit was sourced from highest quality, Colorado Grown, English-stlye cider apples available.  Aged in French oak casks, this cider is well balanced and fruit forward. The rich layers of tannin and malic acid born into this old world fruit presents the tongue with a myriad of flavors.



shape shift red blend

Soil, water and sunlight transform into fruit through timeless magic: the vine a transforming vessel. The ripe grape becomes juice, a solid to a liquid: a human the transforming vessel. The sweet juice, let to rest evolves: yeast the transforming vessel. Consumed by human life, again a transforming vessel, becomes a laughing, dancing, rosy cheeked creature of delight.

  • Abv 13.70%



hesperus white blend

Venus in the evening, a light in the coming darkness. A sacred silver mountain holding our view from afar. This wine is a nod to our home under the cosmos. A reminder that as the light recedes from the sky it also reveals. Uncloaking the invisible beauty that surrounds us everywhere.

  • Abv 13.00%